About my garden website


The purpose of the site is firstly for my own satisfaction, to establish that I am able to create my own site instead of just looking at other people's sites.

Secondly, it is to create a site where all my friends and family can see the garden through the seasons, especially those who are not able to visit with me and view it for themselves. It is also for anyone who likes to look at gardens especially those with small gardens

It will also be a new hobby for me and I can help others to make websites of their own.

Organisation of Website

The pages have been organised using HTML.The CSS divs have been used to organise the pages with sidebars, margins and padding. It has also been used to give colour and organise images.

To give a simple approximation of a slide show between the seasons, I have used meta http-eqiv ="refresh" to switch between the four pages with a delay of thirty seconds.

Slide shows can be done with Java script or PHP but this is too difficult for me at this stage. Border-radius has been used to style the borders for viewing in IE9, Firefox and Safari.

Appearance of the Garden

The appearance of the garden at present, is very different from the original appearance. It was started in 1981 when the house was first built. The soil is clay and difficult to work.

The overall area was much bigger than it is now. This is due to an extension of the original building. Some of the fruit trees have been damaged and some have been taken down to give a vista.The area for playing Badminton has been lost and the vegetable growing area has been much reduced.

Some of the original fencing has also been changed due to the effect of strong winds.

Seasonal appearance of the garden

Each season is described with some text and some of the images that can be seen during the seasons.

Of course, not everything can be shown. However, this site can be improved with updates so, please return often.

All the images on this site are my own copyright except for the tulips, cherry and apple blossoms which are in the free domain. These will be updated to my own images in the Spring of 2012.